MailTalkX Product Information

MailTalkX is a spam blocker and an email monitoring tool.

It is an email monitoring and a Spam filtering utility. It supports multiple mailboxes. It allows you to check each mailbox automatically at inidividually specified intervals and can notify you of new mail with pop-up messages, sound clips and/or AVI. And With MailTalkX filtering you can control spam, personalize the audio notification of new mail, automatically forward or reply to messages and even trigger other applications or utilities. MailTalkX is 100% network compatible.

MailBoxes: MailTalkX can bring all of your email boxes under one roof. But the messages are not dumped into one pile for you to sort through -- each mailbox has its own, easily accessible list. And MailTalkX allows individual control in each mailbox. You can send new messages, reply to messages and forward messages manually and you can also automatically forward and reply with a previously composed message. Message header log, keep a log on all received messages. Message viewer read HTML or text and save options for attachments. Spell Checker (F7 Key) for New Message / Reply to Message.

Email: MailTalkX monitors the mail that has accumulated on your server. When you connect to the server and update MailTalkX, it takes a snapshot of the list of all messages, old ones that have not yet been deleted and new ones that have yet to be viewed.

SPAM: MailTalkX will automatically cleans your spam messages out of your mailbox before you receive or read them. Flexible filtering options allow you to automatically delete or respond to messages on the basis of any message header or combination of headers (From: To: Cc: Bcc: Subject: X-MSMail-Priority: etc.). MailTalkX first checks for mail (deals directly with the mail server) without actually downloading its content or attachments so you can avoid wasting time downloading spam or irrelevant mail. Of course, if the message is valuable, you can download it for viewing and save its attachments. You can create multiple filters in different sets for each mailbox.

Notification: For those waiting anxiously for a reply or who don"t have time to wade through the weeds to find the flowers, the notification options in MailTalkX are tops. In addition to setting MailTalkX to check for mail as frequently as you want, you can display a New Message dialog or play an audio/visual clip (wav, mid and avi are supported) as soon as the mail arrives or other conditions and can also play random sounds from a specified folder. And by filtering the mail you can add audio/visual notifications of mail from any address, to any mailbox and on any subject. Also include random play option for new mail notification.

Checking for mail : MailTalkX leaves it to the server to keep track of and store incoming email but then gives you a great deal of control over this remote mailbox. Its first level of control is the ability to check for and list messages without actually downloading them. This is especially useful when messages might have large attachments and you don’t want to take the time just then to view or save them.

Languages: You can also run MailTalkX in multi-language interface, all menus, dialog texts and messages. Create your own language by editing the language file directly using the MailTalkX language editor.

Windows Compatibility: Vista/XP/200x will work on NT4/ME/9x
Shareware license: Fully operational trials, no restrictions. To continue usage past the evaluation period, you must purchase a license.
Owner license: $29.95 USD, include unlimited free updates and 1/2 price on upgrades.